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Indoor Speed Skating Counter

Release Time:2018-3-1   Author:   Browse:4254   

Location: China (From Shanghai to Ha’erbin to other stadiums)

-The counter is composed of 2 lines of 12" indoor super-bright digit in 5 different colors: white, red, yellow, green and blue, totally 12digits. 
-Each 2 digits share 1 casing, total 6 casings.
-The casing dimension of the upper line: approx.W400xH350xD100mm;
-The whole dimension of the bottom line: approx.W2500xH400xD100mm
-Control system:
*The counter is controlled by a separated control box in wireless communication. 
*Operator will use a small keyboard to operate the lap counting. 
*The user-friendly keyboard for each 2 digits is connected to the control box by an anti-low temperature cable.

Project Profile: 
The counter is used for different stadiums in speed skating games.
1.The counter is good looking in similar three rectangle structure with 5 colors. Each 2 digits with separate casing make it easy to install and disassemble.
2.The supporting bracket is adjustable within 1~1.5meter range, made up of 2 parts.
3.The wheels in the bottom of supporting bracket can be easy to move and brake.
4.The counter packed in flight case is useful for rental use.

5.System connection diagram:


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