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Cylinder LED Video Display for Singapore Customer

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Location: Singapore new Shopping Mall


Indoor RGB Full-Color LED Video Wall
-Model No.: CST-V192x1024-PH10
-Software Type: Comsight New Video Software-VSPlayer
-Real Pitch: 10mm
-Brightness: 1100cd/m2
-Real Resolution: H192x W1024 pixels
-Display Area Size: H1,920mmxW10,240mm
-Casing Dimension (HxWxD): approx: 2,020mmx 10,240mmx150mm (with 100mm high stainless steel cabinet with air vent)
-Rear Access, with front servicing module for easy maintenance
-Single side with circle shape
-LED Array: 1R1G1B/pixel, 1 in 1 SMD lamps
-Color displayed: 4.4 trillions
-Viewing Angle: Horizontal: 140degrees    Vertical: 140degrees
-Casing Material: black powder coated steel 
-Waterproof level: non-waterproof
-Data Cable Type: Optical Fiber Cable
-Power supply with CE approval
-With 5 power outlets with 10 meters each

Project Profile

The LED display is installed to surround a pillar in a big new Shopping mall.

The LED video wall is with 100mm high cabinet for air vent in the bottom, circle shape, with front servicing module for easy maintenance. 

It supports 3G communication, with SBC installed in the video display. The SBC support 3G and WiFi communication.

The screen split into 2 parts: 1st section 1920H x 1280W, 2nd section 1920H x8960W. Total is still the same size as 1920H x 10240W. 1st section to be controlled by customer’s own PC, with basic request SHIFT and SHRINK function with scaler with brand TV ONE. The 2nd section to be controlled by the SBC provided.

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