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Tell your story with the quality and impact it deserves. Comsight has gained its expertise from over 20 years in the LED industry. We would like to use our over 20 years of experience of LED display to provide you a unique, practical and elegant solution within your budget.

Various Product Types

One-stop Customization



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20+Years of Experience

Trustworthy and

 responsible partner

Electronic Message Centers (EMCs), LED scrolling message signs, LED digitalbillboards, 

LED transportation displays, LED digits &scoreboards

From conception to real products, integrating R&D,

 production, sales and service, and offering constant supports with Comsight OWN controllers

  Focus on supplying the most safe and  reliable

 LED signs with industry's highest quality components and strictest standard.

Over 25,000 LED display products have been successfully installed in all over the world.

Persevere in honesty and product quality; 

Adhere long-term development strategy and focus on growing with partners;

Creative Individual LED Solutions for Any Market

Your reliable, flexible and responsive ODM partners. By designing, engineering and manufacturing products with you in mind, together we can find a solution that is custom-tailored for you.

-- Community & City –

From simple text messages, news, time, temperature, weather headlines, graphics & animations, to high-definition video clips, a customized LED display will build a more connected community and city.

--Commercial & Business – 

A business without a LED sign is a sign of no business. LED displays are one of the most efficient and attractive media for advertising. A customized LED display which matches your brand personality and commercial atmosphere can gain visual attraction, improve the brand image, and promote your business.


With LED technology in transportation to display the varied messages timely and prominently, this innovation helps to improve the traffic management, decrease traffic congestion, increase safety, enhance the transit efficiency, alleviate smog and curb accident rates in metro areas.

--7-seg digits & Scoreboards—

7-segment digits are featured by high brightness, easy recognition, low cost, low maintenance, long lasting, and simple installation. They are the best choice for displaying variable digits. Comsight have developed mature and stable controllers for different applications and various heights of digits, that allows to offer custom gas signs & scoreboards with different size and format to fit your unique business demands and create a distinguishable brand.

Custom Your LED Displays with 7 Steps

By designing, engineering, and manufacturing products with you in mind, we will provide the best solution to meet your budgets!

Diverse LED Customized Services

• 01. Customized Serivce — Customized Software

• 02. Customized Serivce — Full Range of Control Hardware

• 03. Customized Serivce — User-defined or R&D new communication protocol

• 04. Customized Serivce — Special weather resistance and IP grade.

• 05. Customized Serivce — Individual structure design

• 06. Customized Serivce — Advanced Technologies for Unique functions (Adoption as per necessary)

• 6.1. Condition monitoring

 6.2. Heat management technology for no air conditioners

 6.3. Light pollution reduction technology

 6.4. Redundancy & back-up

• 6.5. CSTCloud system

• 6.6. Pixel brightness correction

• 6.7. Individual design for special waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof requirements.

• 7. Customized Service— Professional approval (CE, FCC etc.)