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    A new fully flexible structure for indoor long strip and non-straight application has been developed by Comsight. It can bend for concave or convex curve at any point to match any abnormal installation easily.


    Indoor flexible LED Displays are equipped with Comsight self-developed powerful controller and PC software, which can support ultra-long strip resolution and display rolling ticker messages, video, animation, adverts and live information in smooth effect.


    They are high efficiency and energy saving with extremely bright and visible from a wide viewing angle by using high quality and brightness SMD LEDs. The full-color, full motion technology instantly presents long ribbon style information to fully immerse your viewers in great experience.

    Detailed Description


    ★ Bend for concave or convex curve at any point;

    ★ Able to curve freely to meet any installation;  

    ★ No need to design or plan case by case;

    ★ Modular design allows free combination in width

    ★ Height: H32pixels, H64pixels, H96pixels (optional)

    ★ Width: min. 1pc of module in length and recommend 4~6pcs (1.536m~2.304m) per segment for easier transportation;

    ★ Maintenance: removable LED module for front access  

    ★ Installation: hanging installation or wall mount installation


    System illustration of classic project (for reference only): 

    Remarks: for any detailed or customized solution, please do feel free to contact us directly (

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