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    Comsight Transportation Information Displays are used to inform transit passengers of current advertisements, up-to-the-minute schedules and destination information. Their clear, legible text guides patrons selecting small pixel spacing. 

    Flexible resolution, variety of options for pixel pitch, and custom cabinet design can meet your desire for any outdoor locations such as transit centers, bus stops and transfer stations.

    Detailed Description


    ◆ Special pitch (not only small pitch but also different pixel distance on horizontal and vertical) and viewing angle

    ◆ Single side or Double sides front open faces with a downward slope in a very narrow space. 

    ◆ IP level IP55 

    ◆ CE approval 

    ◆ Operating temperature: -20~+60 Celsius degree 

    ◆ Strictly defined distance between the front panel and LEDs 

    ◆ Easy maintenance for electronic parts in the crowded room 

    ◆ Strict requirements on the appearance 

    ◆ Special considerations on layout, air circulation and heat dissipation for limited inner temperature rise.

    General Technical Specifications
    Display type
    Text, symbol, picture, graphic, logo, mark, animation, etc.
    Color displayed Mono. Red, Yellow, Amber, White, Green, RGB full colors, or customized.
    Pixel pitch
    P3mm, P4mm, P4.5mm, P4.75mm, P6mm, P7.62mm, P8mm, or customized.
    LED technology
    High-intensity LED
    5000cd/㎡, or customized 
    Power supply
    Meanwell power supply 
    Power requirements
    110 or 220VAC±10% / 50~60Hz 
    Control system
    Industrial-grade embedded control board with 32-bit ARM processor.  PS or WZP system.
    Heat management
    Forced-air ventilation system 
    Brightness control
    Brightness adjustment
    256 levels (PS system), 16 levels (WZP system)
    Communication options
    RS232, RS422/485, GPRS, 4G, TCP/IP via RJ45 (default)*
    MCS protocol, or customized.
    Housing material
    Steel, or aluminum, or customized.
    Single-sided, Double-sided, or customized 
    Rear access, or Front access
    IP level IP54, IP55, or customized
    Working temperature -20℃ to +50℃, or customized
    Humidity range RH﹤95%(non-condensing)
    Average LED lifetime 100000 hours
    Certificate CE, FCC (optional)

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