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  • Holland

    Hi Joyce, good job. We enjoyed the installation. All measurements were correct. We didn't use a drill. Also electronics worked immediate. Thank you.  

    We have tested the display several times. We think your engineer did a good job. It works as requested. Hope the customer is satisfied too.

    Also measurements are OK. 

    -- Alex

    North America

    wow time fly so fast,  we are now at our 11 years with Comsight. and over 35 with the led business,  we have been a good team partner and thanks to your great help and our hard working and skill along with Mr. Wen Qingping and others that support us specially in this difficult time of low economy we still here growing.  
    We appreciate Comsight high standards, and consistent focus in quality. Thank you again for the challenge and excitement to work with Comsight and specially you become indispensable to me. 
    we wish you and all of your individual colleague a wonderful  time with your family  during this season time , and a happy New Year 2016.

    We already know Comsight is the best company for us to be doing business with. The quality control at Comsight is excellent and most signs after installation do not require service for 5 years. One of your signs after 8 years had the pylons collapse and your sign was still running on the ground. Your sign lasted longer than the pylons that were holding it up. We are proud to represent Comsight products.
    ——Alex, Canada
    hank you for your reply. We are all trying to improve.
    When you look back we have all improved very much.
    We thank you and all the Comsight staff for your willingness to work hard for us.
    We appreciate your work and help from engineers as we try to sell new products. Thank you.
    ——David, Canada
    I'll let you know if I need any additional help. You and your team have been very helpful so far, and I really appreciate it.
    ——Adam, USA
    Please pass on our thanks to you and your staff. I am happy to say that the sign looks great.Great job team.
    ——Steve, Canada
    This unit has been installed in a Television studio. All of the people involved absolutely love the sign.
    ——Rick, Canada
    Thank you, Comsight comes through for us many many times with such rush projects. It works for both of us.
    ——Rafael, Canada
    We appreciate your customer service, it has proven to be fast and helpful so far. Thanks again.
    ——Kai, Canada


    Good job. We enjoyed the installation. All measurements were correct. We didn't use a drill. Also electronics worked immediate. Thank you.
    --Alex, Netherlands
    Please see attached some photos. Here can you also see the substructure.
    Many thanks for the fast delivery and for the good work! The display is very, very good and our customer is very satisfied.
    ——Berta, Germany
    I’m very pleased to hear your company works hard to finish this integrated project and succeed.
    Thanks to all your staff!
    I’m very interested to receive a sheet of your control paper you have fulfilled for each cabinet.
    ——Joseph, France
    We constantly get requests from customers to build displays in a week or two and the only way we can do that is if we have a stock here.
    We are quite happy with your products and ideally would like to stock those.
    ——Patrick, UK
    I am glad to finally be able to contact you myself as I have heard many good things about you from my colleagues.
    ——Alex, UK
    It look really very good….Casing quality and color paint quality is very good at 66 P
    Yes i like it
    ——Rehard, Austria
    The new label is great, much better and easier for us knowing what’s inside, quantity and invoice. Previously we used to write it down in the carton while revising the packing list. So, we are satisfied with the label.
    ——Jorge, Spain
    Yes…I checked
    Excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent
    I was so proud
    I was proud of me and you and whole your company!
    ——Hotea, Romania
    Overall uniformity is perfect!
    ——Jaroslaw, Poland
    We have now delivered the first one and all is very good and our customer are very happy over the control software.
    ——Per-Erik, Sweden
    We are testing the screen and it looks good.
    We will shoot our target on indoor screens.
    ——Rob, Belgium
    Our customer is satisfied and wants to have a new display.
    ——Henry, Netherlands

    New Zealand

    We have your sign 12 years working perfectly.
    Only comsight signs last that long . All other signs after 5 years we dump them 
    -- Nissim Cohen 

    South America

    hank you for your attention and energy. It is a pleasure to work with competent people like you.

    ——Joao, Brazil

    We received the five signs. These are so good.

    ——Claudia, Mexico

    Thank you for the patience, now I understand everything and you are well how the development will make, I wish you success.

    ——Aroldo, Chile


    You and Comsight provide good service, I am satisfied.
    Sometimes we have different and difficult designs, but you and Comsight have always been willing to help. I believe that you are doing your best for us.
    ——Eric, Australia
     I am very impressed with the workmanship of scoreboard you sent me, the job is the best I have seen. Please tell your workers that the job is perfect 
    ——Nissim, New Zealand
    You did excellent job as normal for Comsight.
    I must say that Comsight doing everything right, very good quality
    ——Nissim, New Zealand


    Thank you for your help with this order. Our customer is pleased.
    ——Walid, Nigeria
    We thank you for your super help and for delivery our first full color to our Town. We had a lot of compliment. The software and all the instructions step by step help us to quickly install.
    Possible one more sale is coming soon.
    ——Mario, Nigeria
    The indoor text display was VERY NICE.
    ——Nathan, Kenya